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#NextGenRadio | WUNC | Chapel Hill, North Carolina | June 2017

Jessica Allen

I am an extrovert but I love to have meaningful connections with people. This carries into my professional life, because I like a friendly work environment. I closely follow national news. I have multiple news alerts on my phone, and I enjoy reading about, writing about and discussing current events. I strive for a well-rounded view of every story, and as a journalist, I hope to present others with the same. I believe one of the best ways to do so is by listening to the worldviews of others.

Cole del Charco

I was born to tell stories. When I was young, I could only see myself doing two things: writing or playing baseball. The latter didn’t work out, so instead of working on my swing I’m constantly reading, listening and asking questions. When I’m not reading/writing/making, I like to run, bike and walk to enjoy silent moments and focus only on my surroundings. More than anything, I love life and enjoy living it with great people, by getting outside and by marveling at other peoples’ stories.

Andrew Li

I am a gay Chinese American cis man who is dedicated to writing, storytelling, and giving a platform for those whose voices cannot be heard. I was raised cross culturally in Xian, China and Boone, NC with the ability to immerse in white, Southern culture as well as the communist society of China. I thought I would have a hundred words to say about myself, but all of them sound like a bad eHarmony profile: hardworking, team player, full of personality, witty, prone to bursts of leadership.

Maggie Blunk Miller

First and foremost, I am a curious person. Whether I am researching an article or getting to know a friend, I love hearing other people’s stories. At parties, I can usually be found in a corner, deep in conversation, so seeking out stories and characters feels very organic to me. I have been doing it my whole life without realizing. I also feel a deep need to create, which is one of the reasons I have pursued writing and journalism. I love the excitement of having a bringing a vision to life.

Emily Yue

I’m a multimedia journalist, political cartoonist and illustrator who strives to spotlight stories that usually fly under the radar. I care deeply about the communities that helped shape me —my Chinese-American roots, the local queer people of color collective and the hub of student journalism at The Daily Tar Heel that I was lucky enough to find and call home. When I’m not working, I’m probably watching television, drawing outside the local coffee shop or hanging out with my precious dog, Momo.

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