The Next Generation Radio is a week-long digital journalism training project designed to give competitively selected participants, who are interested in radio and journalism, the skills and opportunity to report and produce their own multimedia story. This project for university students was produced at WUNC in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in June 2017.

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She’s got pipes — now she wants to be the next Blind Idol

Mary Mikels has been singing all her life. Now, she hopes the show will start her down the path of stardom. | Read and listen

Author: Leah Donnella

by Jessica Allen

‘I was born here, my brother is buried here — that’s pretty American’

After his brother died, he renovated a house. Now he wants people to come visit — and rethink how they see Muslims in their neighborhood. | Read and listen

Author: Leah Donnella

by Cole del Charco

Bill Bell is something of a legend around Durham, North Carolina.

This rapper says it’s time for Millennial leadership in Durham

Pierce Freelon defines himself through his work as an artist, activist and now — he hopes — as mayor of Durham. | Read and listen

Author: Leah Donnella

by Andrew Li

The city tore down their block. Here’s how one fried chicken institution survived

The Tapp family has been serving up soul food in Durham for 60 years. The restaurant remains as a reminder of the African-American community’s thriving past. | Read and listen

Author: Leah Donnella

by Maggie Blunk Miller

They have ordinary lives, and they share a ‘revolutionary love’ in the South

In North Carolina, it’s difficult to be Muslim in the LGBTQ rights movement — and to be queer in the Muslim community. Even so, Qasima Wideman and Eva Panjwani are getting married. | Read and listen

Author: Leah Donnella

by Emily Yue


Our reflections:

I survived and so will you

I survived and so will you

Knowing a lot about a subject and caring a lot about it doesn’t get you very far unless you focus the content to have a clear, accessible takeaway.

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